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Restorations and Repairs

Our restorer has been working with books all of his working life, and
specialises in such repairs and restorations. These range from
the more traditional repair and
restoration of older leather books and family bibles, through to
the more modern dictionaries
and encyclopaedias, where pages and covers have become loose from frequent
use, to modern bibles where handwritten notes make a repair more important
than replacement with a new version.

All our work is done by hand, in a traditional manner. Some of our specialist
equipment dates back to the mid-1800s. Please don’t ask us to rush such work, as it
takes as long as is required to do the job properly. A timescale of 6-8 weeks is not
unusual, although we will always try to meet any particular deadline that you may
have, such as for a forthcoming birthday or anniversary.