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Formatting and Proof Reading

 We are able to proof read (and format, check reference style and  cross-check
citations in text to refs etc) for higher degrees and/or publications. We can
also, if required, then print (B&W and colour) and bind the work (both soft ‘examination’
bindings and sewn hard final bindings). Charges are based on time taken rather than per page,
and time taken will depend upon how much needs to be read, number of changes, readability
and so on (we simply record time spent on each action as we go along). Should the
format of the work require extensive re-working to bring it up to submission
standard, then an allowance for such extra time and cost needs to be considered. We
try to retain the submitting author's individual style as much as possible during our
proofing. Please note that the work at all times remains factually what you have supplied -
 we will not and do not 'ghost' write!

Timescale again is variable. Return of printed and bound work would  normally be by
personal collection from ourselves or by signed-for courier, at cost. Your
work will also be provided as a file after final binding. We can provide a good
and reasonably accurate estimation of likely costs once we have seen either a
typical chapter or the whole work - we would then normally take a few minutes
having a quick check, via e-mail, of one of the thesis files (or the whole work as
appropriate) to ascertain a more precise idea of what might need to be done and,
consequently, have a better idea of likely price. There would naturally be no charge
for this bit - it just gives both parties a better idea of what we might expect. So long as
your available budget is in approximate accordance with our estimation of likely costs,
we would then normally arrange a short meeting to discuss your exact requirements,
timescale and so on. However, there is usually a need to pre-book! There is often a
waiting list, so advance warning is of great benefit to all concerned. Each person
and their work is individual to us, so it is difficult to be very precise about cost and
timescale until we have seen the work and what is involved.

Most important of all, we do ensure that once a thesis is taken on
then all agreed deadlines are always met.