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Yearbooks, Personal
and Family History Books

We have undertaken the printing and binding of many types of personal books,
ranging from single books to runs of a few hundred. These are often life or family
history books, short stories, books of poems, remembrance books, hotel registers
and diaries, or similar items. The style can be varied, as can the book size. The
final book can then be perfect (paperback) bound, or hand sewn and hard bound in
the traditional manner, in a choice of colours and finishes.

School, college, university or local group yearbooks can be made up, either from
your own printed copy or printed by us. These can vary widely in size and number
of pages, and run from just a few copies to several hundred, in a wide choice of
materials and binding styles, all to suit your individual budget requirements.
We are always pleased to discuss what you have in mind, as everyone has their
own ideas and personal requirements for such special work.